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Privacy Policy

We value privacy as a fundamental right of netizens and follow the larger Wikimedian ideal of openness. Your data privacy is important to us. This Data and Information Privacy Policy (henceforth "Policy") states how we plan to use and safeguard your data.

This Policy defines "website user" or "user" as any visitor to the website. "Registered members", "members" or "members of the website" refers to users who possess an account, confirmed or otherwise, on the website.


This Policy applies to the website with URL (also URL:, and their sub-domains and pages) that hosts content delivered for and pertaining to the project "Community Toolkit for Greater Diversity" (henceforth "the website").

Personal information

We do not request, collect or store website users' or registered members' personal information, such as the users' real names, Wikimedia usernames, street addresses, or phone numbers. We request and store members' email addresses for the purposes of account management and retrieval of lost passwords. We collect and store only one email address for every unique account. This website does not carry advertising or user tracking code.

Purpose-limited use of email addresses

Account creation: At the time of registering a new account, an email will be sent to the email address provided by the new member to confirms the creation of the new account. Password reset/ retrieval: An email is sent to the email address of a registered member when the member initiates the password reset or retrieval process. We do not support password retrieval or reset via the use of any other method or process.

Instant messaging

This website supports instant messaging (henceforth "IM") among its members. The IM engine used for this purpose is Mattermost. The instant messages sent and received by members on this website are stored in an encrypted format on our server(s). Every member is equipped with an option to delete their instant messages using the controls and settings provided by Mattermost. We do not support additional controls or settings for IM. Only the intended senders and recipients of the instant messages have access to their unencrypted contents.


All data that we collect is stored in an encrypted format on our server(s). We have employed strict safeguards to secure our members' databases. However, in the unlikely event that a data breach happens, we will inform you about it via email as soon as we become aware of the breach ourselves.

For queries pertaining to the Policy, please contact us.

Policy in effect as of February 11, 2019.

This website and the information contained therein is a free-of-cost service. We assume no liability from events occurring from the use of this website or the information contained therein.